Veterans Tribute Plaza

This beautiful memorial and plaza recognizes and honors the men and women who have lived in Washington County and sacrificed in service to our country in the United States Armed Forces. Located at the intersection of U.S. Highways 30 and 75, the memorial has two components - the Wall of Honor and the Walk of Flags.

Construction Phases

Construction of Veterans Tribute Plaza has been done in three phases, using the "PAY-AS-WE-GO" system.

  • Phase I, completed in October 2007, included the memorial's infrastructure; the Walk of Flags, signage, landscaping, electrical, concrete work, benches, etc.
  • Phase II was dedicated November 11, 2008, following installation of the Wall of Honor and the Arbor.
  • Phase III is in the planning stage and a capital campaign is underway. This final phase will add a sculpture to the center of the Wall of Honor. An electronic kiosk is being planned so visitors can locate veterans' names on the Wall of Honor, and provide detailed information about each veteran.